I voted to leave the EU in the referendum 3 years ago.

I campaigned in the 2017 General Election on a manifesto to deliver the result of that referendum. As, for that matter, did every Labour candidate in the country.

After both results, we were told by MPs from all parties that they would respect the referendum result. But this parliament has simply not allowed that to happen.

Time and again this parliament has shown that the only thing they can muster a majority for is kicking the can down the road.

To not respect the outcome of one of the largest representative exercises this country has ever held is both dangerous and anti-democratic.

I have genuine concerns as to what would happen if that initial vote were overturned, as a significant number in Westminster are now working to achieve.

If I were in Parliament I would have voted, time and again, to leave the EU, respecting the vote of the UK-wide referendum, and also a clear majority of Furness voters.

We need to deliver Brexit and move on. To my mind, that is the only way to bring the country back together and to focus on the issues that really matter to us all.

We cannot afford more delay, with all the uncertainty and polarisation it brings.

It’s time to get on and deliver Brexit.