Simon was born and raised in Lancashire. His family have lived in and around Furness since the 1600s and still do so today. He has been married to Pippa for 10 years and has a young daughter, and a newborn son.

Simon is Chair of the Barrow and District Credit Union and works as a director at a not-for-profit company which works to prevent fraud and other financial crime. Prior to this, he worked in telecoms and also ran his own communications business for a number of years.

Simon is passionate about tackling poverty and homelessness and believes strongly in working in partnership with others to effect change.

Simon graduated from the University of Warwick with Honours in English Literature. Since 2009, he has been a member of the British Council's TN2020 network of future leaders. His mother, father and grandfather all worked at BAE.

Simon was the Conservative candidate for Barrow and Furness in 2015. The campaign he led achieved a swing of over 4% to the Conservatives, reducing the Labour majority to 795. In 2017, he fought Barrow and Furness again, reducing the majority to 209 and achieving a swing of 6.5%.

In June 2016, Simon voted to leave the EU.

Simon is a keen (but really quite bad) runner, a worse cyclist, an avid reader and keeps a tortoise, Herman.

Simon, Pip & Peg