Time for a new approach to banking

Following the news that Ulverston’s branch of Santander is marked for closure, Simon Fell, Conservative Spokesman for Barrow & Furness, has written to the Minister for Financial Services today, and called on the Government to look afresh at plans for multiple banks to share a single branch.

Speaking from Ulverston, Simon Fell said:

“Ulverston has already lost too many banks. Yes, more people are banking online or via apps, but that does not suit everyone.

“It is time for the government to consider bringing in a system which works in the USA, where multiple banks offer simple counter services from a single branch.

“These branches are cheaper to run but essential to customers who now find themselves having to travel long distances to perform essential banking services.

“Branch closures are so damaging to our local high streets. Ulverston is thriving, but to remain that way, we need a strong banking presence to remain.

“I have asked to meet with John Glen MP, the Minister for Financial Services, to discuss this issue in more detail and to call on the Government to consider themes that would allow banks like Santander to remain and possible for others to move into Ulverston.”