Letter to The Mail: CND’s demands are political and dangerous

Dear Sir -

Thousands of Barrovians rely on BAE Systems and its supply chain to make a living.

To demand, as Mr Gilligan does in a recent letter, that lorries carrying vital supplies for the shipyards should be stopped is ludicrous.

Does Mr Gilligan realise that BAE Systems is the main employer here? If they aren’t going to use our roads how else are they supposed to transport supplies, which I’m sure have the most stringent security checks placed upon them, and which are no threat to the public, as he implies.

I think Mr Gilligan has more of a political agenda at heart, just as the leader of the Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn does.

Mr Corbyn in Number 10 would be a direct threat to the livelihoods of thousands of people across the whole of Cumbria, in both Barrow’s shipyards and in the Sellafield nuclear plant in neighbouring Copeland. Mr Corbyn is currently Vice President of CND and has publicly stated that he wants to end Britain’s nuclear deterrent ‘as soon as he can.’

Perhaps, if Mr Corbyn really cares about jobs in Barrow and Copeland he should disassociate himself from the CND once and for all?

Simon Fell

Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Barrow & Furness