We must leave the EU on October 31st

17.4 million people voted to leave the EU. I was one of them.

Today we saw Jeremy Corbyn, the SNP, the Lib Dems, and a rabble of remainers unite in an attempt to overturn the result of one of the largest democratic exercises ever undertaken in this country.

We cannot allow them to succeed. 

The people gave us their marching orders in the EU referendum. Shortly after, in the 2017 General Election, over 70% of voters backed a party that expressly committed to honouring the results of that same referendum.

It is past time for the political class to tell us that they know better. They must now get on and deliver Brexit.

We’ve already delayed leaving the EU once and betrayed the clear commitment we had with the British people. We cannot and must not allow the same thing to happen again. 

We must respect the result of the referendum and leave the EU on October 31st.