The employment rate has never been higher in Barrow & Furness

Official ONS figures show that in the North West, there are now  3,480,365 people in work – meaning that, under the Conservatives, 301,391 more people have been able to access the security of a job. 

The figures show that there are more people with a full-time job than ever before and that the employment rate is at a joint record high.

And with wages rising at their fastest pace in more than 11 years – ahead of inflation for 18 months in a row – people’s pay packets are going further.

In Barrow and Furness, the number of people who are claiming key out-of-work benefits has fallen by 607 since 2010 – an overall reduction of 31 per cent.

These figures show the underlying strengths of our economy – with millions of people benefitting from a sustained boost in pay and access to a regular paycheque.

Boris Johnson and the Conservatives will ensure our economy continues to grow so that we can fund our vital public services – including 20,000 more police officers, more funding for schools and making sure people see more investment in the front line of our NHS.

Commenting from his family home in Ulverston, Simon Fell - the Conservatives’ candidate to be our next MP - has welcomed these figures, saying:

 “These figures show that Boris Johnson and the Conservatives are providing a solid foundation on which to build Britain’s economic future.

 “Families across the country are benefitting from a sustained boost in their wages. And with a record number of people in full-time work, we are giving more households the security of a regular wage.

 “Labour mean more dither and delay on Brexit, whilst their economic plans would wreck the economy – leaving us with more debt, higher taxes and fewer jobs, hurting the people they claim to help the most.”

 Jesse Norman, Financial Secretary to the Treasury, said: 

 “These are another remarkable set of jobs figures. Wages are now rising at an average of 4% and faster than prices, meaning people’s pay can go further.

 “With more people than ever before in full-time jobs and long-term unemployment halving, more people have the security of a regular wage and can provide for their families.

 “Boris Johnson and the Conservatives will continue to ensure the fundamentals of our economy are strong. Labour would wreck our economy and put people’s livelihoods at risk.”

Simon Fell welcomes latest jobs figures in Barrow & Furness

Figures out today show that the number of people in work is at a record high. In Barrow and Furness, the number of people who are unemployed has fallen by 652 – a 37% per cent drop – since 2010.

Employment has increased in the North West with 3,435,016 people in work – an increase of 256,016 more people in work since 2010.

Simon Fell has welcomed the new figures, which show that unemployment is at its lowest since 1975 and that the number of young people out of work has fallen by over 415,000 under the Conservatives. 

Conservative Spokesman for Barrow & Furness, Simon Fell said:

“Under the Conservatives, a record number of people are now in work and the unemployment rate has reached its lowest level in over 40 years. And with wages rising faster than prices, pay packets are going further.

“That means that more people than ever in Barrow and Furness have the security of a job and can provide for their families. There is more to do to deliver more jobs and higher salaries, and our welfare reforms and modern Industrial Strategy aim to do exactly that. Labour would put all this at risk.

“Only the Conservatives will continue to take the balanced approach our economy needs to support businesses to create better, higher paying jobs, ensuring a better future for Britain.”

Simon Fell welcomes latest construction figures

Simon Fell welcomes latest construction figures

Figures out today have revealed that the value of all work in the Construction industry has increased by 7 per cent since 2016-17, meaning more higher-paying jobs, better infrastructure and a growing economy.

The value of new housing work has increased by 13 per cent, as the Government is delivering more homes for people across the country.

The figures are a welcome boost in the North West where the value of new housing output has increased by 241.8% since 2009-2010 and the value of overall construction output has increased by 50.6%.

Simon Fell, Conservative Spokesman for Barrow and Furness, welcomed the figures, which show that the value of construction output in the North West was £4172.5m in the first quarter of 2018.

Commenting, Simon Fell said:

“This is welcome news, but there’s more to do to build a stronger economy with better, higher-paying jobs.  That’s why, through our new Construction Sector Deal and our modern Industrial Strategy, the Conservative Government is working to recruit and train the next generation of high-skilled construction workers in Barrow & Furness. 

“The construction industry makes a vital contribution to our economy, which is why we need to ensure that we have the skills we need to deliver homes, schools and other buildings across Barrow and Furness and build a country fit for the future. One only needs to look at the exciting work at Barrow Waterfront to see how construction is changing our town for the better.”

This follows a recent Government announcement of a new £420 million joint government-industry Construction Sector Deal to transform the industry, supported by the biggest government investment in construction for at least a decade.

Simon Fell welcomes £200 million deal for new nuclear

This deal is a welcome boost for the 261 jobs in the civil nuclear sector in Barrow & Furness and over 14,000 jobs in the local area. 

Simon Fell, Conservative Spokesman for Barrow and Furness, welcomed the £200 million deal announced by the Business Secretary, securing the future of the Civil Nuclear industry in the UK and driving down energy costs for customers. 

Nuclear energy has been powering the UK for over 60 years, with a world-leading record for safety, and today generates around 20 per cent of our electricity.  

The civil nuclear industry employs 65,000 people across the country, however currently only 22 per cent of the workforce are women.  

This deal will deliver up to 100,000 jobs overall in nuclear by 2021 and diversify the workforce, with a target of 40 per cent women working in the nuclear sector by 2030

Commenting, Simon Fell said:

“Nuclear energy doesn’t just keep the lights on, it fuels local jobs, wages, economic prosperity and drives UK innovation. 

“I want to build on our strengths and the vital contribution that the industry makes in Barrow and Furness, up the road in Copeland, and across the country, to make sure that the UK continues to be at the forefront of nuclear industry in the future.  

“This deal, and the investment, will drive innovation, create jobs and boost the economy across the country and crucially drive down energy prices for consumers.”