Simon Fell praises long-term investment pledge to the NHS

Simon Fell, Conservative parliamentary candidate for Barrow and Furness, has hit back at claims the NHS in Barrow and Furness is not being backed by the Government.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has recently announced an extra £1.8bn for the NHS on top of the £33.9bn committed for the service in 2023-24.

Barrow and Furness has recently seen big investment into the NHS locally with £12m for the Alfred Barrow Health Centre, and another £12m for the birthing centre at the Furness General Hospital.

Speaking from Ulverston, Simon said:

“I am very pleased to see extra investment being put into the NHS both locally and nationally.

“This Conservative Government has pledged to continue to invest in the NHS at record levels. Locally we are already seeing the effects with the Alfred Barrow Health Centre nearing completion, and with the new birthing centre at the Furness General Hospital.

“But I am keen to push for more investment and the qualified medical professionals we need to ensure that Furness is well served, both now and in the future.

“It’s time for Corbyn’s Labour Party to stop treating the NHS as a political football and instead have an honest conversation with local people about the services they need in our local NHS.

“I want to hear what the people of Barrow and Furness view as their healthcare priorities. I will shortly be sending out a survey so I can present the Prime Minister and Health Secretary with an honest account of local people’s views and make an informed case for long-term investment in Furness’ healthcare system.

“The NHS was created to provide healthcare that’s free at the point of use for every single person. Our investment means we can fulfil that promise for our children and grandchildren.”

Simon Fell: £394 million a week is the birthday present the NHS deserves

Simon Fell, Conservative Spokesman for Barrow and Furness, has wished happy birthday to the NHS as it celebrates its 70th birthday on Thursday 5 July, marking 70 years of access to healthcare which is free at the point of use.

The NHS belongs to all of us. It’s a legacy we pass down from generation to generation. And it’s a legacy this Government will protect.

That’s why the Government has announced that it will increase NHS funding by almost £400 million a week – more than £20 billion a year – by 2023/24 as part of a historic long-term funding plan for the NHS.

The NHS must be supported and protected so that it can continue delivering the best quality care for the next 70 years and beyond, which is why the NHS will also produce a new ten-year plan, setting out a long-term vision for the health service to ensure every penny is well spent and services are fit for the future.

Commenting, Simon Fell said:

“I am delighted to wish the NHS a happy 70th birthday. Much has changed since the NHS was founded in 1948, but the fundamental principles are the same: a service which is universal, comprehensive, and free at the point of use.

“The NHS has been there for all of us over the past 70 years, and we must ensure it continues to be there for everyone in the future. Theresa May’s historic funding announcement will guarantee this, and is a fitting birthday present for our world-renowned health service.”

Health and Social Care Secretary Jeremy Hunt MP said:

“As we celebrate the 70th birthday of the NHS, this Conservative Government remains committed to its future with a historic long-term funding announcement. £394 million extra a week by 2023-24 will ensure the NHS can continue delivering valued services, and improve and adapt for the future.

“This year we have also announced a pay rise for nearly a million of the dedicated staff who make the NHS what it is, and over £200 million of funding for vital health research which will prepare the NHS for the next generation of health challenges.”

Simon Fell welcomes £394 million a week for the NHS

Simon Fell, Conservative Spokesman for Barrow and Furness, has welcomed the Prime Minister’s announcement of an additional £20.5 billion a year for the NHS.

In a speech last week, Theresa May outlined our plans to develop a long term plan for the future of the health service, underpinned by an offer which will see the NHS budget increase by £20.5 billion in real terms by 2023-24. 

This equates to nearly £394 million a week by 2023-24, and will support the NHS to make the right decisions for the long-term, setting it on a sustainable path to continue delivering world class care. 

In return for this investment, the Government will ask NHS leaders to produce a new ten-year plan, led by clinicians and professionals, and supported by local health and care systems across the country. The plan will set out a long-term vision for the health service and ensure every penny is well spent, while waste and inefficiencies are reduced. 

Some of the extra funding will come from money we no longer spend on our annual membership subscription to the European Union, and taxpayers will be asked to contribute a bit more for the NHS in a fair and balanced way.

The funding will result in average annual increases of 3.4 per cent for the NHS, significantly higher than Labour’s offer of 2.2%, which they said would ‘restore the NHS to be the envy of the world’.

Commenting, Simon Fell said: 

“The NHS has been there for us whenever we need it for 70 years, and this historic funding announcement is a fitting birthday present for our world-renowned health service. 

“This additional £20.5 billion will benefit services up and down the country, including Furness General. The provision of a multi-year funding settlement gives the NHS the opportunity and certainty to develop a long-term plan for areas including staffing, prevention, and technology.

A long-term plan will ensure the NHS is fit to support us for the next 70 years and beyond. It will be led by professionals, with input from the public and patients, and set out a sustainable and efficient vision for our health service.”

Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt said:

“No one in this country underestimates the importance of putting the NHS on a steady financial footing, which is why I am proud to announce our commitment to a long-term funding settlement for the NHS.

“People will, rightly, want to know that every pound being invested into the NHS budget will be spent wisely. It is therefore critical that the whole NHS improves productivity and efficiency as part of this plan. In its 70th year, we want our NHS to make strides towards being the safest, highest-quality healthcare system in the world.”