UPDATED: Time for Barclays to rethink

UPDATED 25.10.19

I’m delighted that Barclays have reversed their decision to stop customers withdrawing cash from the Post Office. The proposal would have made it difficult for many people in Barrow and Furness, especially the elderly, to use banking facilities without having to travel.

The Post Office and the pub are often the central hubs of any community - taking services away from them risks their ability to continue to operate and serve the people who need them the most.

This is a very good result and I’d like to thank Barclays for listening to the public and reversing their position.

Simon Fell, Conservative Candidate for Barrow and Furness, has today added his voice to the calls for Barclays to urgently rethink its decision to stop customers withdrawing cash in Post Office branches.

Speaking from Dalton, Simon said:

"Not every town and village has a Barclays branch and so this decision leaves many customers stranded.

"481 Barclays branches have closed since 2015, including the one in Dalton. Allowing customers to continue to withdraw cash from the Post Office gave many people a lifeline. This decision is hugely frustrating and a slap in the face to those who have supported the bank for decades, not least those who are elderly and vulnerable.

"I have written to the Barclays Chief Executive to add my voice to this campaign, highlighting the stories that I've heard from local residents about how this decision will affect them. I very much hope that Barclays will listen to the overwhelming call from the public on this issue and continue to serve their loyal customers."